What is Myopractics?

      Myopractics is a profession in the natural healing arts. It uses a non-traumatic form of manipulation that enables the body to restore balance and maintain a state of well-being. The goals of Myopractics are:

  • Allow the body to function freely without tension,pain,or stress.

  • Elevate the body's vitality and ability to function at optimum capacity.

      An important premise of Myopractics is that the pelvis is the foundation of the body. It is the largest bone structure of the body and is designed to carry your body weight.

      If there is an imbalance in the pelvis, the body may shift the burden and tension of the weight bearing into another area. The body can often create a restriction in an attempt to regain normal posture.

      Myopractics goes to the source of the problem; removing the restrictions and allowing the body the ability to function freely. The purpose is no to put things"back in place"but to restore the motion. 

      The basic underlying principle of Myopractics is "life is motion". When in a healthy state, every part of the body has a particular innate movement. This motion is expressed in all cells, tissue, organs and structures of the body.

      Whether it is the larger movement of the rib cage; which contracts and expands every breath or the smaller movements of blood circulation through an artery in the brain, movement is basic to sustaining life.

      Through Myopractics, motion is restored in whatever area may be restricted so that the individual regains freedom from pain, tension, and stress.

      Myopractics has helped with: Back, neck, jaw, shoulder, and rib pain, it also helps with headaches, sinus problems, organ function, sciatic nerve problems and overall wellness.

Price per visit: $45.00
Form of payments accepted: Cash,Check,Credit and Health Savings Account Visa Cards.

Jayson Foster 
Office: 480-201-5048
2830 East Brown Road, Building B, Suite 8. Mesa, Arizona 85213
foster.myo@gmail.com (Office is located inside Resilience Massage)

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